The Product

The Hammond Game Getter is commonly known as a subcaliber adapter, subcaliber insert, cartridge adapter, squib load, gallery load, auxillary cartridge, etc. The purpose of the Hammond Game Getter is to convert your big-game rifle into a low-power rifle ideal for targets, birds, and small game at close range with minimum noise. Included in the kit are a precision made cartridge adapter with a stainless steel chamber, a bullet forming tool (swage), a few lead balls and a carrying case. Not provided are 22 caliber blanks (mail restriction).
The Hammond Game Getter is "NOT A CHILD'S TOY" and requires responsible adult use.


Refunds will be offered when returned. This cartrige adapter is guaranteed for defects in materials and workmanship and will be replaced upon inspection. Because of close tolerance requirements, this adapter may not fire in some guns and total refunds will be offered when returned within one month of purchase. B. Hammond is not responsible nor liable for what others may do with the product.

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